Report the damage immediately at the airport.
We are very sorry that your baggage has been damaged during transit. Please be assured that we are taking all necessary measures to get the damage repaired. Please report damaged baggage immediately to baggage tracing desk (lost and Found) at the airport.

Report making of a subsequent complaint about damage

Make sure that you are requested to check your baggage while you receive it on the conveyor belt. Once you move out from the arrival hall of the airport, the airline is not responsible for any claim or damages for your baggage.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE:: Please be advised that Star Air is not responsible for any damaged baggage and its content in the following cases:
    • Inadequate packing of baggage
    • Baggage marked with limited release tags
    • Scratches and dents
    • Baggage that gets stained during the transport
    • Leaving arrival area before you have completed official report (Property Irregularity Report)
    • Baggage which is not registered on the owner
    • Baggage without bag tags
    • Suspicion of Pilfrage (in this case please contact the local police office)

Report lost baggage at the airport

We are very sorry that your baggage was not at your destination airport. Please report lost baggage immediately to the ground handling services office (Lost & Found office) at the arrival hall so that an official report (Property Irregularity Report) can be completed. Be assured that we will do everything necessary to return your baggage as quickly as possible. Lost baggage is traced by the appropriate means of a baggage search system.

Important: Claim settlement is excluded without the loss report to be generated at the airport.