1) Definitions

The terms that are used in these Conditions of Carriage will have the meanings assigned to them as below.


  • 1.1: "Adult" Any person irrespective of their sex, height and weight and has attained an age of (Twelve) 12 Years or has completed (Twelve)12 Years and 1(One) day shall be considered as an Adult by Star Air.
  • 1.2: "ADF" Airport Development Fee levied upon Customer per Sector on behalf of the airport operator(s) by Star Air.
  • 1.3 : "ATO" Airport Ticketing Office: Star Air Ticket/Booking Counter situated at the airport/s.
  • 1.4 "Baggage" any belongings, package in all shape and size carried by the passenger while travelling with STAR AIR, both Check-In-Baggage and Hand Baggage shall be treated as Baggage.
  • 1.5 "Baggage Check" – the Baggage Tag or Receipt issued by Star Air to a Passenger that relates to the carriage of the Passenger’s Checked-in Baggage and is affixed to the boarding pass.
  • 1.6 Baggage Identification Tag – a document/sticker/flyer issued solely for identification of Checked-in Baggage and is attached to each such Checked-in Baggage separately with all required information printed or written by Star Air or its handlers.
  • 1.7 Base Fare - Base Fare is the price of Star Air ticket excluding the Taxes, Tariffs and/or any Surcharge.
  • 1.8 BCAS - Bureau of Civil Aviation and Security.
  • 1.9 Booking – An act of creating an itinerary with the passenger details such as Name, Contact Information, Travel details and other relevant information through the Star Air Reservation channel be that any Agent, Subsidiaries or personnel of Star Air. Checked-in Baggage – Any Baggage that has been handed over by the Passenger to Star Air while checking in at the Star Air Check – In counter and also carries the BIT and is not permitted to carry the same as hand baggage.
  • 1.1 CGST – tax leviable or levied for the services offered by Star Air under the provision of goods and services under the Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017.
  • 1.11 Conditions of Carriage – these conditions and clauses form a binding contract between Passenger and Star Air. The conditions and other clauses are readily available on the website of Star Air. Star Air reserves the right to bring necessary change to the conditions of carriage from time to time.
  • 1.12 Confirmed Booking – the confirmation of a booking generated to the Customer upon receipt of full payment from the Customer in respect of his/her booking, and the issuance of a valid confirmation number or e-ticket number or reference number or PNR by Star Air directly or by an agent.
  • 1.13 Convenience Fees - A non- refundable fee collected on per person basis for the payments made by Credit Cards/Debit Cards and/or Net Banking on Star Air website, for the purpose of maintaining and operating the web-based application for booking of tickets.
  • 1.14 Connected Segments – the connectivity offered by Star Air between two or more flight segments operated by Star Air or its allied travel partners.
  • 1.15 Customer Service Assistance – the 24x7 Star Air Customer Service Assistance. Star Air Customer Service Assistance can be reached out at +91-99705-55111 & +91-22507-99555
  • 1.16 CUTE Fee – Common User Terminal Equipment services, it is charged by Star Air for the purpose of facilitation of service in the Airport.
  • 1.17 Damage – loss and/or damage to the Checked - In - Baggage, arising in connection with the carriage performed by Star Air pursuant to a Confirmed Booking.
  • 1.18 Direct Flights - any flight between two points by Star Air with no change in flight numbers, which may include one or more stop(s) at an intermediate point(s).
  • 1.19 DGCA - means Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India.
  • 1.20 E-Ticketor Ticket- an electronic document, containing the Passenger name, Flight details, booking reference / PNR, unique ticket number and the consideration paid for the services and the travel.
  • 1.21 Fare- the value of a Ticket comprising of Basic fare, Airline-Imposed fee and TFC.
  • 1.22 Fare Rules- the terms and conditions attached to the Fare.
  • 1.23 Fit to Fly- the medical certificate required for the travel of passengers (specified under the terms and conditions) from a registered medical practitioner.
  • 1.24 Flight - any Flight operation by “Star Air”
  • 1.25 Force Majeure– any Act that is beyond control of Star Air and/ or any act that Star Air could not have resisted or avoided with reasonable efforts. Such circumstances may include political instability, natural disaster and other Act of God and nature, pandemics, lockdowns, wars, insurrection, riots, explosion, government regulation, order or requirements affecting the aircraft, strikes, labor disputes, slowdown and interruption of work, cancellation and delays strictly adhered to ATC, metrological conditions, acts of terrorism, security risks, hostility, disturbances, shortage of critical man power, parts and/or materials, mechanical, technical or operational issues or failures or any other factors that is beyond control of Star Air which comes as an impediment to operate flights on schedule.
  • 1.26 GST– tax leviable on the provision of Goods and Services Act, 2017 and amended from time to time and which includes SGST and/or CGST and/or UTGST and/or IGST or a combination thereof.
  • 1.27 GSTIN– a unique Goods and Services Tax Identification number issued to the person and /or organization duly registered under the GST regulations.
  • 1.28 Hand Baggage– means any of the Passenger’s Baggage other than Checked-in Baggage, which the Passenger is permitted to carry with him/her in the flight in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage and other regulations of the applicable regulatory and statutory authorities and applicable laws.
  • 1.29 IGST– tax leviable on the provision of goods and services under the Integrated Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017.
  • 1.30 Infant(s) - human child under the age of 2 years as on date of travel.
  • 1.31 INR– Indian Rupees, the lawful currency of the Republic of India or the currency that has be the mode of exchange within the territory of India.
  • 1.32 Invoice– Invoice/receipt of payment issued by Star Air in relation to a Confirmed Booking which shall be sent to the Passenger and/or Agent and/or the GSTIN holder, in accordance with the GST regulations.
  • 1.33 Itinerary/Receipt– A document(s) that Star Air issues to Passenger traveling with a valid Booking ID, that contains the Passenger’s name, flight information, booking reference number, Conditions of Carriage extract and/or link and notices.
  • 1.34 Layover - when the passenger needs to wait to board a different aircraft for the continuance of their travel.
  • 1.35 No Show - when a passenger has failed to the check-in within the due time and has failed to inform the operator regarding the cancellation of their booking and in this case Star Air reserves the right to allot the seat to a different passenger; retaining the booking amount paid for the ticket by the passenger who falls with the definition of No Show.
  • 1.36 No Show Charges - The amount that will be retained by Star Air for No Show.
  • 1.37 Non-Stop Flights- A flight by an aircraft with no intermediate stops.
  • 1.38 PNR– Passenger Name Record, that is a unique reference number that identifies the customer’s booking in Star Air database for a Sector or combination of Sectors.
  • 1.39 Passenger Service Feeor PSF– The Passenger Service Fee which is imposed per Customer per Sector. Star Air collects the PSF from the Customers as applicable on behalf of the airport operators. The PSF as applicable at the time of making the Booking shall apply.
  • 1.40 Sector– One or more consecutive Flight Segments having the same flight number.
  • 1.41 SGST– Tax leviable on the provision of goods and services under the State Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017 of the respective state in India.
  • 1.42 Star Air - The brand name or the emblem under which M/s Ghodawat Enterprise Pvt Ltd (GEPL) performs the operations of flight.
  • 1.43 Tariff– The published fares, GST, fees & charges, airport levies on Star Air for the operation of flights.
  • 1.44 Tariff types - Various types of Tariffs offered by Star Air to passengers such as Regular fare, Flexi Plus Fares, any special price offered to passengers for special services which include Business Class Special Tariff.
  • 1.45 TFC - Taxes, Fees and Charges as defined in Conditions of Carriage
  • 1.46 Trade Partner– A travel agency or travel portal that makes Bookings and/or Issues Tickets for air travel and other ancillary services for Star Air flights.
  • 1.47 User Development Feeor "UDF– Fee imposed by the relevant airport authority at certain airports in India. The UDF shall be applicable while making the Booking of the ticket.
  • 1.48 UTGST– Tax leviable on the provision of goods and services under Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 with respect to the relevant union territory of India.
  • 1.49 We / our / ourselves / us/ Carrier" / Star Air/GEPL– M/s Ghodawat Enterprises Private Limited.
  • 1.50 Website - The internet site www.starair.in provided by Star Air on which the Passengers/Trade partners can make Bookings and access information about Star Air.

2. Interpretation

In these Terms and Conditions:

  • The descriptive headings of Sections are included in these Terms and Conditions only for ease of reference; they are not meant to be comprehensive or accurate descriptions of their contents and are not to be used to interpret these Terms and Conditions.
  • Unless the context otherwise permits, the use of words in the singular, plural, or with a particular gender shall not limit the applicability of any provision of these Terms and Conditions to any person or individuals or situations.
  • When used in these Terms and Conditions, the terms "hereof," "herein," "hereto," "hereunder," and similar expressions refer to the entire document, not just a specific.
  • Any reference of a legislation or statutory provision must contain:
  • All subsequent legislation adopted in accordance with that clause, whether or not it has been altered, modified, re-enacted, or merged, and To the extent that such amendment, modification, re-enactment, or consolidation applies to or is capable of being applicable to any transactions entered into under these Terms and Conditions, such provision as from time to time amended, modified, re-enacted, or consolidated.

3. Baggage

  • 3.1Checked- in Baggage:Checked- in Baggage as per the definition clause of this Condition of Carriage.
    • 3.1.1 Passengers can carry the following free Checked-in Baggage based on the respective fare category (per Passenger):
      PARTICULAR STAR Regular STAR Comfort STAR Flexi
      Checked-in baggage allowance15 kg15 kg15 kg
      PARTICULAR Business Regular Business Flexi
      Checked-in baggage allowance20 kg20 kg
    • 3.1.2 Individual passengers are allowed to check in up to 5 L (Five litres) of alcoholic beverages as long as the following requirements are met:
      • There should not be more than 5L of alcohol in any one piece of luggage.
      • When sold in retail packaging, alcoholic beverages have no more than 70% alcohol by volume.
      • The alcohol must be packed and sealed correctly. Despite, if the Passenger is travelling to a location or sector where the possession of alcohol is only permitted with a licence, they will only be allowed to carry alcoholic beverages provided they can satisfy STAR AIR that they possess the appropriate licence.
    • 3.1.3 Carriage of e-cigarettes - including e-cigars, e-pipes, other personal vaporizers, all forms of Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS), heat non burn products, e-hookah, and other such devices are not permitted in Checked-in Baggage. Any such items being carried by the passenger in their hand baggage should not be more than reasonable quantity. Star Air do not promote smoking and/or chewing of tobacco. Star Air strictly restricts any act of smoking or chewing of tobacco or any product that belongs to such category inside the cabin of the aircraft or anywhere around the vessel.
    • 3.1.4 Handling of Special Baggage- STAR AIR has the following rules for carriage of Special Baggage:
      • LCD / LED TVs can be carried by one passenger in Checked-in Baggage shall be treated as Special Baggage and will be charged as per the tariff of Star Air.
      • Standard excess Baggage charges will apply in addition to above if the total weight exceeds the free Baggage allowance.
      • An additional Baggage handling charge of INR 1000/- (inclusive of all taxes) will be collected from the Passenger at the time of check-in along with the additional weight added to the baggage limit as per the ticket of the passenger.
      The aforesaid components of Tariff may undergo a change at any time, without prior notice.
    • 3.1.5 Checked-in Baggage will, whenever possible, be carried on the same aircraft as the Passenger, unless STAR AIR decides for safety, security, or operational reasons, to carry it on an alternative flight. If the Checked-in Baggage is carried on a subsequent flight, STAR AIR will deliver it to the Passenger, unless applicable law requires the Passenger to be present for any government clearance such as customs clearance.
  • 3.2 Excess Baggage Any baggage weighing above the allowed limit is to be termed as excess weight which in turn will culminate into Excess Baggage. There are ways you can purchase excess baggage:
    • At the airport - If only additional weight is being carried: you will be charged Rs.500 per kg, for Business Class and Rs.500 per kg for Economy Class.
      You can also pre-purchase excess baggage online (only additional weight over and above your allowance) at concessional rates up to 2 hours before departure.
    • The aforesaid components of Tariff may undergo a change at any time, without prior notice.
      EBA AT AIRPORTRs. 500/- kgRs. 500/-kg
      5 KgRs. 2000/-Rs. 2000/-
      10 KgRs. 4000/-Rs. 4000/-
      15 KgRs. 6000/-Rs. 6000/-
      20 KgRs. 8000/-Rs. 8000/-
      30 KgRs. 12000/-Rs. 12000/-
  • 3.3 Hand Baggage Passengers can carry the following Hand baggage:
    EMB-145-LR38*15*407 kgs
    EMB-175-LR56*23*367 kgs
    Only one piece of Hand Baggage is accepted in the cabin subject to the availability of space in the overhead bin or under the Passenger’s seat. In the event where a Hand Baggage is over-sized or over-weight, S tar Air may require transfer of Hand Baggage to the Checked-In Baggage compartment of the aircraft prior to take-off. In such cases, a Passenger's Hand Baggage will be specially tagged and returned upon arrival, and the same can be collected from the conveyor belts where Checked-in Baggage is normally received. In an event where the Hand Baggage is transferred to the Baggage compartment due to increased weight over and above the permissible limit for Hand Baggage, the Passenger shall be liable to make payment of such excess Baggage to Star Air at the then applicable rate per kilo gram for the excess Baggage.
    • 3.3.1 In addition to the Hand Baggage, the following items are permitted to be carried on board
      • A ladies' purse/handbag.
      • A camera or binoculars.
      • A rug or a blanket.
      • An overcoat or wrap.
      • Reasonable amount of reading material for the flight.
      • Infant's feed for consumption during the flight and Infant's carrying basket, feeding bottle, if an Infant is carried.
      • A fully collapsible wheelchair or pair of crutches or braces for Passenger's use, if dependent on these (only 1 per flight).
      • A walking sticks.
      • An umbrella (Folding type).
      • Medicines required during flight like Asthma inhaler etc.
    • 3.3.2 As per notice issued by BCAS, Passenger will not be allowed to carry more than one piece of Hand Baggage
    • 3.3.3 As per notice issued by BCAS, Passenger will not be allowed to carry in their Hand Baggage or on person- liquids, gels, or aerosols, which include beverages, shampoos, sun-tan lotions, creams, toothpaste, hair gels, hair sprays, liquid cosmetics, or any other items of similar consistency, exceeding 100 ml, except medicines, inhalers accompanied by prescriptions. These items should be carried in one clear transparent re-sealable, one-litre size plastic bag and will be subjected to the prescribed screening and security checks. For detailed list of restricted items and dangerous goods, please refer to Annexure – I.
    • 3.3.4 Carriage of e-cigarettes - including e-cigars, e-pipes, other personal vaporizers, all forms of Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS), heat not burn products, e-hookah, and other such devices are not permitted in Hand Baggage and Checked-in Baggage.
    • 3.3.5 Carriage of 'Kirpan' by Sikh Customers is permitted. A 'Kirpan' with a total maximum length of 9 inches (22.86 cms.), but a blade not exceeding 06 (six) inches (15.24 cms.), is permitted for carriage by a Sikh Customer on his person, within India or on an Indian Registered aircraft on domestic routes of fully Domestic Flights within India, subject to the requirement of a Public Order (BCAS Circular 14/2005). It is clarified that except such 'Kirpan', no sharp-edged items (including three spear/trishul, etc.) is allowed to be carried in Hand Baggage)
  • 3.4 Valuable and Fragile Goods
    • 3.4.1 It is strongly suggested against checking in anything that is valuable or fragile by nature in checked baggage. These items include, but are not limited to, cash, jewellery, silverware, glassware, computers, other electronic equipment, computer software, photographic/video and/or other optical equipment, cameras, negotiable papers, securities, bonds, business and personal documents, samples, passports and other identification documents, title deeds, paintings, artefacts, manuscripts, other works of art, antiques, research, unique or unusual objects, and perishable goods. Such things are not covered by any Star Air loss or damage policy. Star Air shall not be responsible for the risk of carrying the same item.
    • 3.4.2 Travelers who are carrying fragile items in their luggage will need to sign a Limited Release Tag ("LRT") during check-in, which releases Star Air from any obligation or liability for those things.
      If the passenger checked luggage becomes spoiled as a result of glass bottles or jars that were improperly packed spilling or leaking, Star Air is not responsible for the damage.
    • 3.4.3 Star Air disclaims all responsibility for any fragile or perishable items, cash, keys, jewellery, electronics, cameras, precious metals, negotiable papers, securities, or other valuables, as well as business documents, prescription medications, medical records, passports, and other identification documents, as well as samples that are packed in a passenger's checked luggage, whether Star Air was aware of them. It is better to carry these items by hand.
  • 3.5 Right to Refuse Carriage
    Any item that Star Air reasonably believes to be unsuitable for carriage due to its size, shape, weight, content, packaging, being radioactive or of a similar nature, or for safety or operational reasons, or in the interests of the comfort of other Passengers, may be refused to be transported as baggage. On request, information regarding prohibited items list shall be provided. Unless it is, in Star Air's reasonable judgement, adequately and securely packed in an appropriate container or packing, Star Air may refuse to accept Baggage for carriage.
  • 3.6 Right to Search
    • 3.6.1 Star Air or any other competent regulatory body may demand that the passenger submit to a search, x-ray, or other sort of scan on his or her person or Luggage for safety and security reasons.
      Star Air has the right to deny carriage to a passenger and his or her baggage without offering a fee refund or incurring any other obligations to the passenger if the passenger refuses to submit to such searches or scans. In such circumstances, any further legal requirements may be followed by any other procedures.
    • 3.6.2 If a search or scan results in harm to a passenger or damage to their luggage, Star Air will not be responsible unless the harm or damage was intentionally committed or resulted from gross negligence on the part of Star Air.
      When a passenger checks in, Star Air is released from all liability and accountability for any items they bring on board in their luggage. If the passenger's checked luggage becomes spoiled because of glass bottles or jars that were improperly packed spilling or leaking, Star Air is not responsible for the damage.
      Star Air disclaims all responsibility for any fragile or perishable items, cash, keys, jewellery, electronics, cameras, precious metals, cutlery, negotiable papers, securities, or other valuables, as well as business documents, prescription medications, medical records, passports and other identification documents, as well as samples that are packed in a passenger's checked luggage, whether or not Star Air was aware of them. It is better to carry these items by hand.
  • 3.7 Collection and delivery of Checked-in Baggage
    • 3.7.1 Star Air will use reasonable efforts to ensure that passengers' checked luggage arrives in a secure state.
    • 3.7.2 The passenger is recommended to retrieve their checked luggage from the appropriate conveyor belts as soon as it becomes available for pickup at the final destination.
    • 3.7.3 When checked baggage for a passenger is not claimed within three (3) months of the time it is made accessible, Star Air may dispose of it without the passenger's consent or liability.
    • 3.7.4 All passengers listed on the ticket must be present in the arrival hall to file a complaint for missing baggage if they are travelling as a group (i.e., there are several passengers listed on one PNR) and the checked luggage is not delivered at arrival. If the aforementioned requirements are not satisfied, the checked baggage shall be regarded as having been delivered in excellent condition.
    • 3.7.5 Star Air is not obligated to confirm that the bearer of the baggage check is authorised to receive delivery of the checked baggage, and Star Air is not responsible for any loss, expenditure, or damage resulting from or related to its failure to do so.
    • 3.7.6 The checked-in baggage will be delivered to the location indicated on the baggage tag.
    • 3.7.7 If the person claiming the baggage cannot show the baggage check or identify the baggage with a baggage tag, Star Air will only deliver the baggage to that person if that person can demonstrate, to Star Air's reasonable satisfaction, that they have a right to it. If Star Air so requests, that person must also provide sufficient security to hold Star Air harmless for any loss, damage, or expense that may be incurred by Star Air because of the delivery.
    • 3.7.8 It is presumed that checked baggage has been delivered in good condition and in line with the conditions of carriage if it is accepted by the passengers at the time of delivery without objection. In the event that any baggage is lost while the passenger is at the designated destination airport during arrival and not after departing from the destination airport, each passenger shall be required to raise a Baggage Irregularity Report ("BIR") with Star Air officials present in the arrival hall. When the passenger has left the airport, no baggage claim of any kind will be accepted.
    • 3.7.9 Star Air retains the right to do bag tag matching upon arrivals, either for all passengers or on a random basis, in order to verify that passengers only pick their own checked baggage and that there is no confusion. In the unlikely event that a passenger picks up another passenger's checked luggage, Star Air reserves the right to reveal the passenger's personal information to the original owner of the checked luggage and/or to airport/security officials and will not be held responsible for any losses resulting from doing so.
    • 3.7.10 The check-in baggage has been delivered in acceptable condition and in compliance with the terms of the transport contract if it is accepted by the bearer of the baggage identification tag at the time of delivery without complaint. Before leaving the arrivals area, the passenger must present any claims regarding damaged checked baggage to a member of the Star Air crew. Once the passenger leaves the arrivals area, there will be no consideration for claims of damaged checked luggage. Whether the receipt is at the airport or another designated baggage delivery location, a claim must be made when the passenger receives the checked-in baggage in the event that it arrives on a separate flight.
    • 3.7.11 Missing or Lost Baggage
      • a) A copy of the BIR must be filled out whenever a passenger reports the loss, damage, or theft of their checked luggage. The following prerequisites must also be met by the Passenger:
      • Verify the proportion of checked-in baggage that the passenger has in their possession.
      • Verify the weight of the passenger's luggage in comparison to the weight shown on the check-in record in the Star Air check-in system to determine the difference in weight that is the focus of the BIR.
      • b) Star Air disclaims all responsibility for any fragile or perishable items, cash, keys, jewellery, electronics, cameras, precious metals, cutlery, negotiable papers, securities, or other valuables, as well as business documents, prescription medications, medical records, passports, and other identification documents, as well as samples that are packed in a passenger's checked luggage, whether or not Star Air was aware of them. These objects are best handheld.
      • c) Any claim or status enquiry regarding lost or missing baggage should be sent to the local Star Air office at the airport. The BIR raised will include the contact information for such an office.
    • 3.7.12 Damaged Baggage
      • a) The purpose of luggage is to safeguard its contents. As a result of routine use, your baggage may develop signs of use, including tiny nicks, scrapes, scratches, scuffs, stains, dents, soil, or other signs of wear and tear that do not impair the bag's functioning or ability to be used as intended. We hope you understand that we are not liable for any of the following damages or losses: • Damage to big or overly packed baggage • Things of a fragile or perishable nature • Luggage containing manufacturing flaws.
      • b) Please notify the Star Air staff in the arrival hall of any damaged or stolen baggage.
      • c) The check-in baggage has been delivered in acceptable condition and in compliance with the terms of the transport contract if it is accepted by the bearer of the baggage identification tag at the time of delivery without complaint. Before leaving the arrivals area, the passenger must present any claims regarding damaged checked baggage to a member of the Star Air crew. Once the passenger leaves the arrivals area, there will be no consideration for claims of damaged checked luggage. Whether the receipt is at the airport or another designated baggage delivery location, a claim must be made when the passenger receives the checked-in baggage in the event that it arrives on a separate flight.
  • 3.8 Items Removed by Airport Security
    Star Air will not be responsible for, or have any liability in respect of, articles removed from the Passenger's Luggage by any airport security.

4. Check-in

Star Air takes every effort to make your journey hassle-free, starting with a variety of check-in options. Nonetheless, regardless of how you check in, boarding is not permitted after boarding gates closes 25 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time and check-in closes 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

AVAILABILITY 72 hours before scheduled departure and such facility shall cease to be available 2 hour prior to the Scheduled Departure It commences 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure and ceases to be available 45 minutes prior to Scheduled Departure
  • 4.1 Web Check-in
    • 4.1.1 Passengers can check in for a flight via the www.starair.in website, and an e-Boarding Permit will be sent to their registered email address.
    • 4.1.2 Please be aware that our boarding gates close 25 minutes before to the Scheduled Departure time and that web check-in will close 60 minutes prior to Scheduled Departure, beyond which boarding is not permitted.
    • 4.1.3 In order to comply with safety rules or a change in aircraft layout, STAR AIR retains the right to assign Customers (checked in using web check-in) to emergency exit seats.
  • Airport Check-in
    • 4.2.1 A web check-in boarding pass is required for both security clearance and boarding. A valid photo identification is mandatory during check- in and other formalities to board the aircraft. Either or all the documents listed below must be carried by the Passenger for the purpose of verification at Star Air counter:

      a) Valid Passport b) AADHAR Card c) Valid Driving Licence d) Election Photo ID Card e) PAN Card issued by the Income Tax Department f) Photo ID issued by the Employer (Government Employer IDs accepted) g) School/College/University Identity Card or any other Photo ID for children h) Birth Certificate or Passport for infants i) Any other valid Identity card issued by the State or Central Government j) For Foreign nationals only, Passport (In original) will be considered.

    • 4.2.2 Star Air reserves right to deny boarding of Passengers who fail to provide any valid photo ID issued by the State or Central Government. In such circumstances Star Air shall not be held liable for such denial of boarding or any other consequences thereafter.
    • 4.2.3 It is highly advisable that Passengers report Star Air check-in counters at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.
    • 4.2.4 Passengers must reach the Boarding Gate 25 minutes prior to the scheduled departure with their valid Photo ID and Boarding Pass.
    • 4.2.5 In circumstances where the passenger fails to report the Boarding Gate before 25 minutes of the Scheduled Departure of flight, it will be considered as No Show and Star Air will retain the booking amount of the ticket and only taxes, PSF and UDF or any other charges levied as per the government guidelines or that is to be collected on behalf of government and/or airport may be refunded to the passenger upon valid compliance of formalities and request.
    • 4.2.6 Passengers must ensure reasonable time between the connecting flight in their travel itinerary, which includes change of aircrafts or carriers at a point of Stop Over. Star Air shall not be held liable in case passenger(s) fails to report to the next flight for delay in Star Air flight for any reasons whatsoever.

5. Fares & Tariff

  • 5.1 Fare Components
    For its prestigious passengers, Star Air offers a broad selection of rates in Business class cabins and Economy class cabin.
  • 5.1.1 The following costs are included in total ticket prices:
    • a) Base Fare
    • b) Government/ Airport Taxes, Fees, Charges and Surcharges
  • 5.1.2 Fares are displayed in Indian Rupees.
  • 5.1.3 Rates may vary at any time without prior notification.
  • 5.1.4 After a ticket is purchased, the price will not change; however, if the customer requests a modification to the ticket after it has been purchased, new prices may be applied.
  • 5.1.5 A Passenger will not board a Star Air aircraft unless the Passenger is in possession of a valid Ticket that has been properly issued in line with these Terms and Conditions.
  • 5.1.6 The terms and conditions listed above apply to all Tickets. But there are certain extra terms and limitations that apply to our special fares. Unless as otherwise provided in the supplementary terms and conditions governing the promotional fares, these Terms and Conditions shall apply in full when any Ticket is purchased using the promotional pricing.
    • • For ease of booking, Star Air provides one-way and round-trip prices.
    • • These Terms and Conditions apply to all airfares purchased on the Website.
    • • Passengers must always review the Terms & Conditions while booking a reservation.
    • EconomyBusiness
      Regular Comfort Flexi Regular Flexi
      FareBaseBase + ₹ 500Base + ₹ 900Base FareBase + ₹2000/-
      Meals on boardChargeableChargeablecomplimentarycomplimentary
      Seat SelectionChargeableChargeablecomplimentarycomplimentary
      Checked-in baggage allowance15 kg20 kg
      EBT₹ 500/-₹ 500/-
      Priority Check InNOcomplimentary
      Priority BaggageNOcomplimentary
      Infant Fee₹ 1500/-₹ 3500/-
      Change Fee ₹ 3000/- till 2 hours First change free, only fare difference applicable till 2 hours prior to departure ₹ 3000/- till 2 hours ₹ 3000/- till 2 hours First change free, only fare difference applicable till 2 hours prior to departure
      Cancellation Fee₹ 3500/- till 2 hours₹ 3500/- till 2 hours
      No Show Refundsonly taxes refundable only taxes refundable
  • 5.2 Taxes, Fees, and Charges (“TFC”)
  • 5.2.1 The amount of any relevant TFC owed by the Passenger is determined as of the day the ticket was issued. After the date the ticket was issued, Star Air retains the right to collect any modifications to the TFCs or any additional TFCs imposed by the government and/or airport authorities from the passenger during check-in or boarding. The difference will be returned to the passenger if the revised TFC amount is less than the TFC amount that was initially paid.
  • 5.2.2 TFC should include all relevant taxes as determined by the government and/or airport authorities, including Swacch Bharat Cess, Krishi Kalyan Cess, Service Tax, and UDF, PSF, CUTE Fees, GST and ADF.

6. Payments

  • 6.1 Forms of Payment
  • Currently, Star Air accepts the following payment methods:
    • a) Cash,
    • b) Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard),
    • c) Debit Cards, and Cash Wallet* and Internet banking*
    *For tickets bought directly from Star Air or Trade Partners that offer such a service.
  • 6.2 Cards issued by Foreign States
    • a) To prevent any fraudulent usage, the credit or debit card used to purchase the ticket that was issued outside of India may be checked at the time of check-in. Passengers may be asked to repurchase their tickets at the airport if they don't confirm their payment.
    • b) The following items should be carried by the passenger if the credit/debit card holder is not doing so (applicable only in specific circumstances):
  • A photocopy of the front side of the credit/debit card and an identity card (such as a passport or AADHAR) with the credit/debit card holder's self-attested signature approving usage of the bought ticket. Passengers are strongly urged to scratch out the card expiration and middle numbers on the duplicate of their credit or debit card for security reasons.

    The name of the passenger, the date of trip, and the sector of travel should all be included in this photocopy. These data may be scrawled on the photocopy, and the credit/debit card holder must swear to the accuracy of the information.

    At the time of check-in, the aforementioned documents must be provided. If the passenger fails to provide any of the required documentation or violates these terms, Star Air reserves right to deny boarding and for which and thereafter circumstances Star Air will not be liable for the loss of passenger.

7. Liability for Damage

  • 7.1 Death or Injury to Passengers

    The applicable provisions of the Carriage by Air Act, 1972 and the Rules framed thereunder, as amended from time to time (the "Carriage Act") will govern Star Air's liability in the event of a death or other bodily injury sustained by a passenger while being transported by air. In no event shall Star Air's liability amounts under this scenario exceed the amount specified under the Carriage Act.

    Despite the restrictions, Star Air may be released from liability entirely or in part if it can demonstrate that the harm was caused or contributed to by the injured or deceased Passenger's carelessness.

  • 7.2 Lost/ Damaged Baggage

    Liability for loss, delay or damage to Baggage is limited under the provisions of Carriage Act.

    • • Passengers are solely responsible for the carriage of their hand luggage and personal belongings, and Star Air will not be liable for any loss or damage to such items.
    • • Star Air's liability for damage to Baggage will be reduced by any negligence on the part of the Passenger, which causes or contributes to the damage in accordance with applicable law.
    • • Subject to the extent permitted under, Star Air's responsibility for lost and/or damaged checked-in baggage is limited to ₹350 per kg, no claim of compensation in contradiction to the legislation regulating the operation of Star Air shall be acknowledged or entertained.
    • • Nevertheless, Star Air disclaims responsibility for delicate or perishable items. In accordance with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, Star Air shall not be responsible in any way for damage to items that are not allowed to be contained in checked baggage (including, without limitation, fragile or perishable items, items having a special value, such as money, jewellery, precious metals, computers, personal electronic devices, negotiable papers, camera, TV, securities, or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents).
    • • When Star Air complies with applicable laws, government rules, and regulations, or when a passenger fails to do so, Star Air is not responsible for any consequence that results in.
    • • Any damage the passenger's baggage causes to other people or property, including Star Air property, would be the passenger's obligation, and Star Air is not responsible to any third party for any damage the passenger's baggage causes.
    • • The check-in baggage has been delivered in acceptable condition and in compliance with the terms of the carriage contract if it is accepted by the bearer of the baggage identification tag at the time of delivery without complaint. Before leaving the arrivals area, the passenger must present any claims regarding damaged checked baggage to a representative of the Star Air. Once the passenger leaves the arrivals area, there will be no consideration for claims of damaged checked in luggage. Whether the receipt is at the airport or another designated baggage delivery location, a claim must be made as soon as the passenger receives the checked luggage in the event that it arrives on a different airline.

  • 7.3 Delay caused to Passenger
    • • With certain exceptions, adaptations, modifications, etc. that have been made known by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, and as amended from time to time, liability for damage brought on by a delay in the carriage or baggage is limited under the provisions of the Carriage Act and the rules framed thereunder.
    • • The same exclusions and limitations of responsibility that apply to Star Air also apply to Trade Partner’s office helpers, employees, and representatives.
    • • In the event that Star Air complies with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations or in the event that the Passenger does not, Star Air shall not be held responsible for any damages.
    • • In any case, under no circumstances our liability shall not exceed the amount of actual losses.
  • 7.4 Limitation for Making Claims and Taking Action

    If no action is made against Star Air within two (2) years of the date of arrival at the destination, the date on which the aircraft was due to arrive, or the date on which the carriage ceased, any BIR reported for damages shall be forfeited. As stated in this clause, the court of competent jurisdiction will decide how to calculate the limitation period in accordance with applicable regulations.

8. On-Board Aircraft

  • 8.1 Conduct of Passenger

    According to Star Air, if a passenger behaves in such a way as to endanger the aircraft, any passengers, or any property on board, or interferes with the crew as they go about their duties, or disobeys any instructions given by the crew, including but not limited to those regarding smoking, drinking, or using drugs, or acts in such a way as to annoy, inconvenience, harm, or injure other passengers or the crew, Star Air will not reimburse the Passenger. Such a passenger may be asked to leave the aircraft at any time, denied further transportation, and subject to prosecution for any offences committed while they were on board. The passenger is responsible for covering all expenses associated with the detour made to discharge the passenger.

  • 8.2 Electronic Gadgets

    Star Air reserves the right to restrict or prohibit the use of electronic devices, including but not limited to walkie-talkies, radio-controlled toys, laptop computers, portable recorders, portable radios, CD players, and mobile phones, on board aircraft for safety reasons. The use of cardiac pacemakers and hearing aids is approved.


  • 8.3 Tampering of Safety Equipment

    The passenger must be aware that it is against the law to remove or interfere with any safety equipment from a Star Air aircraft, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

  • 8.4 Photography

    At airports for the military, photography is prohibited under Indian government laws. Passengers are not allowed to photograph or record the in-flight services or the cabin staff without first getting Star Air's approval.

    Also, it is prohibited to take photos or videos of or record other passengers without their express permission.

  • 8.5 Infant Seatbelts

    To ensure the infant's safety, Star Air provides seatbelts for infants. It is necessary to make sure the infant is buckled into the infant seatbelt during take-off and landing as well as any other times that may be specified by on-board instructions.

9. Refund policy

  • 9.1 Refunds for tickets booked using credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets, and other electronic methods through the website, customer service centre, and airport ticketing offices will be refunded to the payer's account within 7 – 10 business days from the date of cancellation by Star Air.
  • 9.2 Star Air will try to handle any refund for a ticket issued by a trade partner within 30 business days. The passenger must notify Star Air as soon as possible if the passenger does not receive payment within 10 working days.
  • 9.3 The cancellation policy of Star Air is in accordance with CAR, Section 3 - Air Transport Series "M," Part II, Issue I, dated May 22, 2008. (Revision effective 1st August 2016).
  • 9.4 For non-utilization, no-show, and ticket cancellation, Star Air may return the TFC that was collected from the passenger.
  • 9.5 Any ticket that has exceeded the maximum validity of 365 days from the ticketed last trip is not eligible for a refund from Star Air.
  • 9.6 Star Air is qualified to provide a refund:
    • (a) For cash-purchased tickets, either to the individual listed in the reservation or to the person who made the reservation payment; and
    • (b) To the person who paid for the ticket if it was purchased using a method other than cash,
    • (c) In both instances, a suitable refund shall be considered upon the provision of sufficient evidence by the person presenting himself as the person to whom a refund may be provided, and Star Air shall be released from liability and from any subsequent claims for return from any person.
    • (d) All refunds will be issued in INR once the necessary fees and/or levies have been subtracted.

10. Refusal of Embarkation

  • Passenger shall be refused carriage and/or removed from the aircraft if the Airport Manager or the Commander determines that: Such action is necessary in the interest of the safety of the aircraft or its occupants; Passenger shall be refused carriage and/or removed from the aircraft if the Airport Manager or the Commander determines that:

    • (a) Such action is necessary in the interest of the safety of the aircraft or its occupants;
    • (b) The passenger's conduct or behaviour makes him/her objectionable to other passengers; or
    • (c) The passenger's age, mental or physical condition is such that it necessitates special assistance during flight, which cannot be provided.
    • (d) Any passenger who exhibits signs of intoxication to the point that the safety of the aircraft or its passengers is likely to be put in jeopardy will not be allowed to board.

  • 10.1 Passenger barred to travel.

    Any passenger who has any communicable or contagious diseases Hepatitis, scarlet fever, diphtheria, swine or bird flu, and any other infectious illness that the DGCA, local, national, or international health authorities mention or notify from time to time, etc. Or
    Needs medical attention from a pneumatic or electrical device that, for a variety of reasons, cannot be used on board. Or

  • 10.2 Pregnant women

    Expectant women may be allowed to travel up to 35 weeks into a normal, single pregnancy if there are no difficulties before that point. Only if the pregnancy is between the 28th and 35th week is a fit to fly certificate from the treating obstetrician necessary. This document must be issued no more than 2 weeks prior to the date of travel. Any case of pregnancy between 33-35 weeks a Fit to Fly certificate shall be carried issued within 24 hours of the journey. While making a reservation, the reservation service may ask for a medical certification. If the Booking and departure dates are more than one month apart, the attending gynaecologist for the Client must give a replacement certificate no later than three days prior to departure. When required, this certificate must be shown upon check-in.

    Expectant women are only permitted to travel up to 32 weeks of pregnancy in cases of normal and multiple pregnancies (such as twins, etc.), and a Fit to Fly certificate from the attending doctor will only be necessary if the pregnancy is between the 28th and 32nd week.

    In the event of a problematic pregnancy, expectant mothers who are more than 32 weeks along are not permitted to travel. If the pregnancy is between the 28th and 32nd week, expectant mothers will need to obtain Medical clearance from the Star Air's Medical Department and should be accompanied by at least an MBBS qualified doctor as medical escort. Additionally, if the pregnancy is between the 28th and 32nd week, expectant mothers will need to obtain a Fit to Fly certificate from the treating obstetrician dated not more than 7 days before the date of Travel. Medical escort arrangements and related costs are the responsibility of the passenger.

    Moreover, medical clearance is granted by a doctor from Star Air who will speak with the passenger's doctor about the situation on an individual basis or who will review all the passenger's medical records in the event that the treating obstetrician cannot be reached.

    If a passenger presents a fraudulent Fit to Fly certificate, Star Air will not be held liable if the airline allows the passenger to travel based on such certificate and the passenger suffers injury as a result of flying while having such medical problems.

    Mothers are allowed to fly 48 hours following a healthy birth without difficulties. The traveller must get a Fit to Fly certificate from her attending obstetrician if she plans to travel between 48 hours and the seventh day after a normal birth. Passengers may fly without any limitations after seven days after a typical birth, provided there are no difficulties.

    You are allowed to travel one week after giving birth following a caesarean or difficult delivery if the passenger has a Fit to Fly certificate from the attending physician.

    The "Fit-to-Fly" certificate is good for 10 days after it is issued. Nonetheless, the passenger can be asked to present a more current certificate if there are any related issues (within 48 hours).

    UP TO AND INCLUDING 27 WEEKSThe expectant mother may be accepted for travel if there are no prior complications. Fitness to fly certificate is not required.
    BETWEEN 28 TO 32 WEEKSA fitness to fly certificate issued within 2 weeks prior to the date of travel from the treating obstetrician is required. Cases of multiple pregnancy/complicated single pregnancies are not allowed.
    BETWEEN 33 TO 35 WEEKSA Fitness to fly certificate issued within 24 hrs prior to the date of travel from the treating obstetrician is required. Cases of multiple pregnancy /complicated single pregnancies are not allowed.
    ABOVE 35 WEEKSNot allowed to travel.

  • 10.3 Denial of Embarkation for Unruly Passengers

    Such actions are offensive in nature and may lead to the filing of an F.I.R with the Police Authority among other legal actions being taken against offenders.
    In addition to the legal action, an airline has the authority to prevent a disruptive passenger from going on one of their flights in accordance with the Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR) of 08.09.2017, Section -3, Series M, Part VI, Issue II.
    Unruly behaviour is defined as the following behaviours:

    • Using drugs or alcohol to excess, which results in erratic behaviour.
    • Smoking inside an aeroplane.
    • Ignoring the pilot-in-or command's the crew's directions.
    • Behaving erratically by:
      • Speaking abusively or threateningly to a crew member or other passengers.
      • Being violently threatening, abusive, or disruptive towards a crew member or other passengers.
      • Intentionally obstructing a crew member's ability to do their tasks.
      • Endangering the passengers' and the aircraft's safety.
      • Unruly behaviour against a crew member or other passengers (physical gestures, verbal abuse, uncontrolled intoxication, etc.).
    Star Air reserves the right to forbid a passenger from flying Star Air aircraft or as long as it sees fit, based on the passenger's behaviour during the flightor at the airport.
    (The examples above are illustrative and inclusive.)

11. Reservation

  • 11.1 Alcohol on Board
    Alcohol serving and/or consumption are forbidden on all domestic flights, according to the Indian government.
  • 11.2 Smoking on Board
    The Indian government forbids smoking on any aircraft. Smoke detectors are installed in every toilet as an additional safety precaution. It is forbidden to tamper with or disable the smoke detector. Onboard Star Air aircraft, the use of e-cigarettes or any other vaping equipment is prohibited.
  • 11.3 Reservation conditions

    After receipt of full payment, the Booking (and any resulting Ticket created therefrom) serves as prima facie proof of the existence of the contract of carriage between Star Air and the Passenger listed on the Booking. Subject to producing the required, valid, and applicable identity evidence at the time of Travel and any further conditions imposed by applicable law, rules and regulations or Star Air's policies, Star Air will only permit carriage to the passenger(s) stated in the Ticket.

    Star Air accepts electronic tickets. Open Tickets are not issued by Star Air. This means that a ticket cannot be bought in an open-ended way and must have a definite date of travel.

    Airports (including the check-in desks for Star Air) accept the following picture identity documents as acceptable forms of identification:

    • Valid Passport
    • Valid Driving License
    • Election Photo Identification Card
    • Photo identity card issued by the employer, being government and reputed private sector organizations.
    • PAN card issued by the Income Tax department.
    • Valid birth certificates of Infants need to be produced at the time of check-in for age proof.
    • AADHAR Card

  • 11.4 Reservation Channels

    Star Air offers the following modes of Reservation: -
    The following channels are available to passengers for the issuing of tickets, refunds, extra services, etc.

    • Call the Star Air Customer Service line at +91-99705-55111.
    • Website www.starair.in
    • Airport Ticket Counters
    • Trade partners/ Travel agents.
    • The terms and conditions listed on the website or included in the ticket are accepted by passengers utilising any of the aforementioned channels or flying with Star Air.
    • Reservations are not confirmed until Star Air or a Trade Partner records them as accepted or confirmed.
    • Some fares may include restrictions that exclude or limit the passenger's ability to modify or cancel bookings, as stated in the fare rules.

  • 11.5 Purchasing Tickets
    • Tickets for any flight may be purchased up to one hour before the planned departure time.
    • Upon purchasing the ticket, Star Air wants the passengers to supply a valid phone number and email address.
    • Tickets cannot be transferred.
    • The reservation will not be processed if the charges (Fare and any applicable service charges) for the Ticket are not paid within the allotted ticketing time frame.
  • 11.6 Personal Data
    The Passenger is aware that personal information was given to Star Air to complete a Booking, obtain and provide any ancillary services or goods that Star Air and/or its Trade Partners may offer from time to time, develop, and deliver services, and make such information available to governmental organisations in connection with the Passenger's Travel. The Passenger agrees that Star Air or its Trade Partners may use such personal data to check for online credit/debit/identity fraud and to enhance the Passenger's experience with Star Air.
  • 11.7 Reservation/Ticketing Charge
    • All passengers purchasing tickets through any airport ticket office or customer service centre will be charged a ticketing/reservation fee or taxes. Also, it's important to note that the ticketing fee is not refundable.
    • The ticketing fee is charged for all payment methods, whether they are done online or offline.
    • Each passenger is charged a ticketing fee for each transaction.
    • For all payment methods used to purchase tickets from our airport ticketing office, customer service centre, or website, a convenience fee will be charged per transaction.
  • 11.8 Connecting Flight Liability

    Only the origin and destination shown on the Star Air Ticket are covered by the Terms of Carriage. Without limiting the generality of the aforementioned, in the event that the Flight is cancelled or delayed:

    When a passenger's connecting flight is on a different ticket (regardless of whether it is with Star Air or another airline), Star Air disclaims all responsibility for any missed connections, rescheduled or cancelled travel, hotel reservations, or other costs or damages the passenger may suffer.

    When a passenger's connecting flight is included on the same ticket as the flight (regardless of whether it is operated by Star Air or another partner airline), Star Air, subject to applicable laws and agreements with a partner airline, will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the passenger reaches the final destination via an alternate flight and may, at its discretion, help the passenger with reasonable costs incurred during the flight's cancellation or delay as a result of an unforeseen event. When this occurs, Star Air's responsibility is restricted to either new accommodation on the earliest flight (including hotel accommodations, as necessary) or a refund of the value of the unused ticket.

  • 11.9 Infant Tickets
    No matter the location inside India, infant tickets can be purchased for the Rs.1500(Incl. of taxes). Moreover, the accompanying passenger (who is older than 18) needs to be reserved in the same cabin category.
  • 11.10 Seat Request
    Pre-selected seats are available in all cabin classes, including Business and Economy class, subject to availability.
    • At the time of reservation.
    • Calling +91- 99705-55111 & +91- 22507-99555 at the Star Air Call Centre.
    • 48 hours before the flight's planned departure at the time of web check-in.
    • At the airport check-in desks when checking in.
    • The definition of Seat Selection depends on the fare type. In all cabin classes, there will be certain limits on the rows that may be purchased, though.

12. Travellers

  • 12.1 Infant Traveller
    Infants younger than 7 days old cannot travel. However, medical advice (MEDA) approval must be acquired from the Operations Control Centre and Star Air's Medical Department in an emergency when such an infant has to travel to get life-saving care within the first 48 hours of delivery. The infant must be accompanied by a doctor (medical escort) who has at least an MBBS degree and should hold a "Fit to Fly" certificate. Medical escort arrangements and related costs are the responsibility of the customer.
    • For infant travel during the first 48 hours of labour but before 7 days following the birth, a "Fit to Fly" certificate from the treating physician (who should have at least an MBBS degree) must be given.
    • The legislation does not require an infant to sit in the passenger seat. Please bring the infant's legitimate identity evidence for examination at the airport on the day of travel as proof of age is necessary.
    • Infants must be escorted by a companion (over the age of 18), who may be a parent, guardian, family member, or acquaintance.
    • Infant must have ticket that are still valid, check in, and get boarding passes.
    • None of the travel class, infants are not entitled to a free baggage allowance.
  • 12.1.1 Restrictions for passengers travelling with infants.
    • Infant-carrying passengers will not be allowed to sit on the emergency escape row.
    • Star Air makes it mandatory, that One adult, is allowed to carry only One Infant on-board (Attendant of infant must be more than 18 years old).
  • 12.3 Unaccompanied Minors Minors travelling not accompanied by their parents on Star Air are given specialised care during the flight. We'll make sure an unaccompanied minor is never taken alone when travelling. The unaccompanied minor will be handed over only to the person listed on the unaccompanied minor form after arriving at the destination. Before delivering the child to the chosen individual, identification documentation will be required.
  • 12.3.1 Acceptance of Unaccompanied Minors (UNMR)
    • Unaccompanied minors are children between the ages of 5 and under 12 who are travelling on the same flight and class alone or with one or more passengers who have not yet turned 18 years old.
    • Travel alone will not be accepted children under the age of five. They are required to take the same flight and class as a partner who is at least 18 years old.
    • All unaccompanied juvenile passengers must always have a valid picture identification card with them. This is a must for the travel.
    • Unaccompanied minors with disabilities such as blindness, deafness, or mutism will not be permitted to travel.
    • Unaccompanied minors are not permitted on flights that need transfers to other airlines unless special arrangements have been made for them on those other airlines.
  • 12.3.2 Travel details of Unaccompanied minor
    • At the time of booking, complete information on the unaccompanied child must be given.
    • Children travelling as unaccompanied minors pay the ticket price of the adult. Each unaccompanied youngster will also be charged a handling fee of ₹ 1500* for Economy Class and ₹3500* for Business Class in addition to the applicable ticket.
    • Before leaving the place of origin, you must hand in a properly completed unaccompanied minor form to Star Air officials.
    • Your youngster will be in care of the cabin crew in-charge of the flight that Star Air has assigned on the ground.
    • The unaccompanied youngster will be handed over to Star Air's ground employees by the in-charge cabin crew at the airport, who will then accompany and help them with baggage claim.
    • The unaccompanied child will be reunited with the designated guardian at the arrival location by Star Air's ground employees. Before giving the unaccompanied youngster to the chosen guardian, identification will be required.

13. Force Majeure

Star Air isn't obliged to pay compensation or provide facilities where cancellations and delays are caused by an occasion of act of God that's, extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of the airline, the impact of which cause the cancellation/delay of flight(s), and which couldn't be avoided albeit all reasonable measures had been taken by the airline. Such extraordinary circumstances may especially occur because of political instability, natural disaster, civil war, insurrection or riot, flood, explosion, government regulation or order affecting the aircraft, strikes and labour disputes causing cessation, slowdown or interruption of labor or the other factors that are beyond the control of the airline.

Additionally, Star Air would also not be susceptible to pay any compensation in respect of cancellations and delays clearly due to traffic Control (ATC), environmental condition, security risks, or the other causes that are beyond the control of the airline, but which affect their ability to work flights on schedule.

Extraordinary circumstances should be deemed to exist where the impact of an traffic management decision in reference to a specific aircraft or several aircraft on a specific day, gives rise to an extended delay or delays, or any overnight delay, or the cancellation of 1 or more flights by that aircraft, and which might not be avoided albeit the airline concerned had taken all reasonable measures to avoid or overcome the impact of the relevant factor and, therefore, the delays or cancellations.

Exceptions: the subsequent aren't considered within the airline control (Illustrative list)

  • Bandh or other similar shutdown/hartaal/strike
  • Bird Strike
  • Operating Crew unable to succeed in due congestion on roads.
  • Security congestion at airport terminals Delays in departure because of Offloading/Gate No-shows
  • Consequential delay because late arrival of the incoming aircraft

14. Limited liability & Disclaimer of Warranties

This website's information may be inaccurate, incomplete, or include typographical mistakes. Star Air makes no guarantee or warranty for the continuity of service, lack of interruptions, faults, mistakes, omissions, loss of sent data, or transmission of viruses through this website.

Regarding the information, goods, and services found on this website's appropriateness for any purpose, Star Air makes no claims. All of these materials are offered "as is" and without warranties of any sort. Any implied warranties and guarantees of merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement are hereby disclaimed by Star Air with respect to the information, goods, and services (other than air transportation).

In no event shall Star Air be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with the use of this website, with the delay or inability to use this website, or for any information, products, and services obtained through this website, or otherwise arising out of the use of this website, whether based on contract, strict liability, or otherwise.

These Terms of Carriage and the guidelines outlined in the "Carriage by Air Act" of 1972 apply to any air travel that is paid for with a Star Air ticket.

Only to the extent authorised by law do the limits and exclusions apply.

15. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The courts of Karnataka shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any dispute or claim arising out of or related to these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions shall be construed and controlled by the laws of India.

16. Additions and Modifications

These Terms & Conditions are subject to change, amendment, or alteration at any time by Star Air without responsibility or previous notice.

17. Cancellations/Denied Boarding

A passenger may ask check-in staff at the airport counter for a written statement of rights, particularly regarding compensation and assistance, if they are denied boarding on a Star Air flight or if the flight is delayed or cancelled. This is because Star Air has always been committed to the service and rights of their passengers.

Please note, Star Air is not accountable for any financial compensation resulting out of non-communication if the client has not supplied any contact information.

  • 17.1 Flight Cancellation
    • a) If a flight is cancelled, Star Air will try to notify the passenger at least two weeks before to the scheduled departure and decide for an alternate trip or a refund if the passenger is satisfied with either option.
    • b) If a passenger receives cancellation notice less than two weeks prior to and up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure, Star Air will attempt to arrange a substitute flight departing within two hours of the scheduled departure.
    • c) If a passenger is not informed as per clause (a) and (b) of 17.1 and the passenger misses the connecting flight booked on the same PNR of Star Air, then in such scenarios, the passengers will be compensated by Star Air as per the directives issued by DGCA Guidelines.
    The aforementioned are applicable if the traveller has supplied valid contact information, such as working phone numbers (landline or mobile) or an email address, in the booking. (Trade Partner's contact information is not regarded as enough contact information.)

    Travelers who do not include essential contact information in the booking are not eligible for any financial reimbursement. Star Air will try to make alternative travel arrangements at the request of the passenger or attempt to refund the ticket.

    If passengers have already arrived at the airport by the original flight time and are waiting for the alternate flight, Star Air will provide them with free meals and beverages.
  • 17.2 Method of payment
    The aforementioned compensation will be made available to passengers by Star Air in the following ways:
    • Cash*
    • Bank transfer
    • Card reversals, or other options as offered by Star Air may be used by the passenger with a written or electronically signed acknowledged indemnification.
    #All above modes or options are subject to availability, in case of non-availability alternative options will be chosen at Star Air’s discretion
  • 17.3 Denied Boarding

    Following is applicable if Star Air is required to compensate Passengers who are refused boarding in accordance with the Indian Civil Aviation Regulations (Civil Aviation Requirements Section 3 - Air Transport Series "M" Part IV Rev-3, Dated 27th February 2019):

    Whenever a flight is overbooked, Star Air will encourage volunteers to give up their seats in return for rewards the airline deems appropriate to make seats available for the other passengers who have made reservations.

    If a passenger is refused boarding against his or her choice, Star Air will make every effort to organise an alternative flight that leaves within an hour of the original scheduled departure time of the original reservation; if this is not possible, Star Air shall make up the difference.

    A passenger who has purchased a connecting flight will be compensated by Star Air (if it is the first carrier) in accordance with the relevant reference if the passenger is delayed at the departure station due to being denied boarding and arrives at the destination at least three hours after the scheduled arrival time.