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Minimum requirements
1. 3 years ab-initio Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Approved by DGCA and License on complex motor power aircraft operating by organization. (OR) License on any complex motor power aircraft not operating by org. but has undergone level 3 / level 1 training on the aircraft operating by organization conducted by CAR 145/ CAR 147 organization. (OR) B.Sc. Degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (OR) Diploma in Engineering (OR) Relevant Engineering Degree completed from recognized university. 2. Thorough understanding of aviation regulations/requirement, Excellent management & communication skills (Quality system and auditing Technique training) (Lead Auditor Course (ISO 9001-2015) approved by IRCA). 3. Managerial skills & Technical skills. 4. 8 years practical experience in aircraft maintenance organization out of which minimum of 2 years experience in Aviation quality industry in Senior position. (Preferred Airline Experience).
Key Responsibilities
1. Monitor continues compliance with requirements of CAR. 2. Verify annual audit plan and monthly audit plan and execute the same. 3. Responsible for Audit and its timely Closure. 4. Carrying out due audits of vendors, suppliers, sub-contractors and submit it Quality Manager for approval. Further monitor their performance on annual basis. 5. Preparation of MOE and all level 2 quality department documents manuals and submit to QM for review and update. 6. Prepare agenda for Quality Review Meeting and circulate to all HOD’s. 7. Assist QM on conducting of Quality Review Meeting and circulation of Minutes of Meeting. 8. Prepare agenda for Audit Review meeting and circulation of MOM. 9. Responsible for compiling and maintaining safety related occurrence reports. 10. Assist Quality Manager for Delay/Defect investigation. 11. Ensure all quality related records are maintained properly and updated. 12. Will be safety officer nominated from quality department. 13. Coordinate to check randomly completed Schedules, Work orders and AMP. 14. Discharge functions of Quality Manager, whenever QM is on leave. 15. Participate in delay, defect, analysis meeting on daily basis. 16. Other Duties: Member of Quality Review Meeting Member of Safety Review Board 17. Observe safety principles and assessed in identification and mitigation risk. 18. Any other specific or generic responsibilities as assigned by the Quality Manager.