Position :
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Minimum requirements
1. Good verbal communication skills. 2. Confidence and ability to handle passengers and provide only the best customer service. 3. Qualification: Graduate
Key Responsibilities
1. The Airport Staff forms the backbone of the operations at the airport as they are main workforce for passenger handling and to ensure safety and services to the passengers. 2. The Airport Staff are expected to report for the shift fully groomed as per the company requirement and on time. 3. The Airport Staff must check his/her allocation and report for the allocation as prescribed in this manual 4. Following are the broad allocations which the staff would be required to do a) Reservations b) Floor walking c) Check-in d) Boarding hall e) Baggage make up f) Ramp g) Load and Trim h) Arrivals 5. Any other additional duties and responsibilities as advised/instructed by the superiors 6. The Airport Staff must do the prefight checks as required by the allocation which includes checking outgoing/incoming loads, special handlings, respective kits and other resources required. He/she shall check availability and serviceability of all the equipments, before starting the job allocation. 7. The Airport Staff is required to perform all the job functions of the above allocations as per the company Policy as prescribed in this manual. 8. The Airport Staff is responsible to do the post flight work, including documentation and follow ups as prescribed in this manual and /or as required. 9. The Airport Staff is required to keep himself/herself updated for any updates on Policy changes, schemes, market scenario etc. through log books, briefings, company channels etc. 10. The Airport Staff is directly and wholly responsible for following of all company Policies and Procedures in conformity to various manuals like Ground Handling Manual, Security Manual, Human resource manual etc. 11. The Airport Staff shall perform the job functions of the allocation while keeping in mind the safety and services aspect to the passengers.