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Minimum requirements
Job Location:- Banglore / Hyderabad / Belgaum • 3 years ab-initio AME course approved by DGCA / Degree/ Diploma in Science/ Engineering/ AME / Degree in B.Sc. (AME). • At least three years of aviation experience out of which 2 years in Stores. stores. • CAR 66 License in Category B1 (Type rated on the aircraft for which authorization is sought) • Completed required Trainings as per ETM • Shall have 5 years’ total aircraft maintenance experience. • Shall have undergone training on weight & balance computations on Type of aircraft conducted by OEM/ OEM Approved Agency / Approved person holding approval for more than 2 years or holder of weighing authorization issued by earlier CAR 145 Organization or by DGCA. • Must have associated for at least 2 computation/re-computation on type of Aircraft under supervision of approved authorized person.
Key Responsibilities
• Holding Cat-A / B1 license (or) • Must have passed CAR 66 Modules (3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15,17, 11A/ 11B/12) whichever is applicable. • Task training on type of aircraft or Minor Scheduled Line Maintenance Course. • 6 months actual relevant aircraft and 7 pre-flight inspection (for pre-flight check) and four routine check under supervision of type rated AMEs. • 5 Relevant inspections carried out under supervision of an appropriately qualified staff. • Assessment by board constituted by Quality Manager. • Holding B1 or B2 license on type of aircraft. • 12 months maintenance experience on type aircraft and associated 2 “A check” under supervision of authorized person. • 3 months recent experience on type of aircraft • Assessment by board constituted by Quality Manager.